How Do we Build Strong Home Working Teams?

Seventeen questions to ask your teams about team building, with some potential solutions:

  • virtual pub crawl
  • team quiz
  • team lunch
  • Fun facts on Monday (about your market, a department or your business, your founders) to build the sense of identify and connection
  • Crazy challenges on Friday — like ‘can you rewrite the company slogan to make a 5 year old laugh’
  • Share a joke (that your granny would enjoy)
  • Choose a film to watch over the weekend to share experiences next week


The stand out observation is that if you can only do one thing — do this — build community — both with your teams but beyond too; so, with your clients, customers, supporters and suppliers.





Non-exec Founder / Scaleup Coach

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Neil Lewis

Neil Lewis

Non-exec Founder / Scaleup Coach

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