How to get it Right for Business Development in a Time of Crisis


Review what is happening in your sector

Set your time frame

First, know your cash position

Shifting focus: from growth to revenue

Tear up your old conversion rates

Earn a customer — not acquire one

Business Development Tactics

Good SEO content: answers questions

Paid vs Organic — short or long…

As always, keep doing the basics right:

Use more email

Get your business development tone right

First, review your existing content…

Soft communication

Help first — money second!

How to talk to new people — talk about the elephant!

  • our phone calls / emails are interrupting, it might be home schooling hour or cooking time!
  • that we are living in odd time
  • the ‘elephant in the room’ — your business may be on a knife edge

Take a breath… and listen to the tone!

Avoid bandwagons and think about the future we creating

Are you creating customer success?

How do you charge?




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