Resilience — how to move from Survive to Thrive in the #Startup World

Let’s do this differently

To end our startup struggle, let’s change our self-talk.

This is really about resilience

Instead, let’s talk about building resilience.

Why is Startup and Founder Struggle so Common?

There is something uniquely public about startup success and failure. Or at least if *feels* public to us founders. (And how it feels is all that matters). And is why I believe Startup Struggle appears common.

1. Accept the Crisis

Often, when we are in the midst of a crisis — typically a failing #startup, we founders are the last to realise!

2. When you don’t Win, Learn!

3. Get going again

Thirdly, although you’ll hurt and ache in a way no one else can describe (unless you’ve been there and done that), you have to get going again.

You’re not Getting Bigger but I’m Still Growing

“The startup may fail but founders never fail when they pick themselves up, learn their lessons and go again, learn again, go again…”
Neil Lewis

Failure Builds Resilience

“…you can’t build resilience in a life that only contains success.”

Wow! Protecting ourselves from projects that fail actually reduces our resilience.

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”
Abraham Lincoln

It’s not about Surviving— it’s about Thriving!

You know things around your startup will break, products will fail, projects will fail.

“Failure is success in progress.”
Albert Einstein

Resilience for Startup Leaders is Different

There is some great advice around building resilience which can help in many situations but not with Startups

The Struggle Not to Give In

What advice do we offer to ourselves when we struggling to gain traction and our plans don’t work out?

How to Thrive as a Founder even as your Startup Crashes

So here’s what I’m seeing with my leaders — if we change how we frame the question of our success, we can change our resilience…. here’s how — we change our self-talk as follows:

Talk About Journeys…

Telling people your startup is a journey — that it will be fun and that unexpected stuff will happen but there will be a good outcome- is key to helping those people around you support your startup.

It’s Easier when you Focus on What you Love!

“The more I love doing something, the less it feels like work”
Richard Bach

However, we are often drawn away from what matters to us to ‘just make money’ and that usually ends in disaster (still, it is a disaster you can recover from - see other suggestions in this article!).

Lastly; Stay Cool — Get Interested!

Resilience advice often refers to the concept of ‘staying cool’.

“…get interested — not frustrated!”
Jim Rohn

Jim tells us to insert the following statement at the front of every mental or verbal response to a crisis

What happens when we get interested?

When we frame our response with the ‘that’s interesting statement…’ then our underlying question is — what can we learn from this?

Summary — Failing Fearlessly



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