Successful Selling and Marketing in a Time of Coronavirus

Selling virtually today consists of two challenges

  • Is your selling proposition (still) fit for purpose? Does it speak to a problem that your customers still have or any antiquated challenge?
  • And, how do you actually sell? How do you go about helping customers realise there problem and your solution?

Re-bundling of the offer

New delivery methods change how we sell

Supply is next

Re purposing of assets

Why now and will it last?

  • Firstly, a YouGov survey says only 9% of people want things to go back to how they were (source). That’s a huge majority in favour of change that delivers less pollution, less commuting and less mad running around for no good reason.
  • Secondly, innovations often exist or are ignored when timing isn’t in their favour. For instance, Ctesibius — a Greek weapons engineer, invented a form of steam engine 2,000 years ago (source). However, the invention, as the story goes, was rejected by the Roman court because it would transform transport and mean that the slaves had nothing to do!

New tech too

Community / local sells

No more business to business trade shows

The new business of B2B marketing

Volume marketing to highly personalised business development

At home presentation for consumers too


From ‘going for growth’ to ‘survival’



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